Apple iPad is Stronger than You Thought: Pierces into Car Bumper Like an Axe

April 11, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Many of you out there might have seen things like a wooden stick or a paper plate flying past you while you are driving. Latest news talks of an incident in Georgia that had an iPad involved.

The owner of a Nissan car experienced a flying iPad attack, and the iPad pierced her car’s bumper like it was an axe blade or something sharper than that.

It has been reported that the owner of the iPad had left his iPad on his car’s top and the forward movement of the car might have caused the iPad to fly and hit the victim’s car. Is this all true?


Technically speaking, this is possible. But the odds are one in a billion. For this to happen per se, one of the following conditions had to be met. First, the first car has to be moving at a speed of more than 80 miles per hour. Second, the iPad’s sides must have been chiseled off to make sure it pierces.

And the third reason could be that the Nissan’s bumper was made of thermocol or some soft pierce-able material. Other than these three, the probability of the reported news to be true is definitely one in a billion.

The victim said that she found the iPad in working condition that enabled her to open up an app to find the user’s name and phone number so that she could return it as soon as possible.

If this is true, better buy yourself an Iron Man’s suit because if iPads are indeed going to fly, you need to equip yourselves with some machinery too. What do you say?

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