Microsoft Xbox 720 Might Get an Official Announcement this May

April 10, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The time for the arrival of Xbox 720 is nearing. Microsoft might lift the wraps on the next-generation console during an event on May 21, or at least that’s what Windows blogger Paul Thurrott says.

There was an event scheduled in April, but that was postponed to May. Thurrott, during an interview, had said that Microsoft was planning to announce the new Xbox on April 24, but had then pushed the announcement to May.

According to the Verge, the event would be a small affair that would offer details on the much-awaited console, also known as the Durango.


The E3 event that will be held in Los Angeles in June will be the place when the Xbox 720 would get a stage; the console would probably make it onto shelves later this year.

We have always expected the Durango to be a high-end piece of hardware, and Thurrott just confirmed that thought. He said the console would most likely carry a high price tag, probably near the $500 mark for the regular model and a $300 tag for the subscription model.

Rumors have it that the upcoming Xbox would require an always-on internet connection. While a Microsoft Studio creative director got himself into a bit of spot on telling disappointed people to deal with the fact, not even Thurrott is sure as to what the company meant by always-on internet connection.

Might be that the new-generation Xbox won’t play Xbox 360 games, but that too is speculation. Microsoft, some say, is planning on updating the Xbox 360 to sell it for $99, making it as a cheaper entertainment option besides Roku and other similar devices.

While rumors are overflowing regarding the Durango, Microsoft is following it all with a closed mouth. If there is to be an event on May 21, chances are we will hear a bit more on that soon.

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