Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Roll-Out Likely this June or July

April 9, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung has grown so fast over the past few years that nearly every home and office has at least one of their devices.

To pump up their product line with next generation devices, Samsung has been toiling day in day out for sometime to produce a top-of-the-line tablet and finally it has come out at least in rumors.

Thought to be an 8-inch tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is likely to be rolled out by June or July and is expected to be available in 3G as well as Wi-Fi models. The rumor has it that the color options will be restricted as it will be available only in white.


Samsung is set to release a host of new mobile and tablet devices soon but with a change in product letter codes.

The GT series of devices will make way for the new SM and SM-T series. Though there is a chance that SM-T stands for ‘Samsung Mobile-Tablet’, no one is quite sure about it. The tabs once released will be directly posing a threat to iPad 5 as well as the upcoming iPad mini.

Though no one is sure about why the upcoming tabs will be white only, the tabs do look prettier in white if we imagine them.

As for the Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0), reports all over the internet reveal that the model numbers for this new tablet are already fixed.

SM-T3100 will be the model number for the 16GB 3G model, while SM-T3110 is the model number for the 16GB Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0) version.

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