IE 11 Arriving with Welcome Updates; Looks to Dethrone Chrome, Mozilla

April 8, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Internet browsers are flooding the market with more advanced versions being seemingly released on a monthly basis.

Though Microsoft’s Internet Explorer ruled the roost in the initial stages, it was overthrown by Mozilla Firefox as well as Google chrome.

To settle scores once and for all, Microsoft will soon be launching the IE 11 along with its upcoming Windows 8.1 operating system.


SkyDrive-powered browser synchronization, a feature that is already available on Chrome and Firefox, will now be available on IE 11 as well. It helps you restart a browsing session on another Windows 8 machine when your current session ends abruptly.

Signing in with the user’s Windows ID will revive all the tabs like it was on the machine he/she was working before. IE 11 also has a download manager in the ‘Modern’ mode which makes the Download History and Download folder quickly accessible to the user.

Providing its support to the same touch navigation features as its Windows 8 modern/Metro counterpart, IE11 will be doing a great job on desktops too.

With Microsoft working hard to fix even the slightest of security vulnerabilities that the previous IE versions had, WebGL support should finally be arriving on IE11.

Can IE11 come out on top competing with all other browsers? At least the people at Microsoft think so.

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