Samsung Finds an Ally in Mozilla to Usher in the Servo; A Better Browser

April 6, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung has its Galaxy range of phones holding their heads high. No users have bought these phones just because they are Android phones, but rather due to their promising features.

While this has been already irritating Google for some time, here comes the next blow. The latest news suggests that the guys from Samsung and Mozilla are working together in rolling out a better browsing engine called the ‘Servo’.

With this roll out, there is a huge chance that Chrome might be leaving the app list of future Galaxy phones and this is not at all good news for guys at Google.


Servo is new and it has been developed from scratch by its developers. The developers will be using ‘Rust’ language to make this engine swifter and secure as C language have its limitations.

With Servo set to arrive in the next few months, Mozilla’s intention is to design a platform that can easily ooze into the massively parallel hardware of the future to offer its users a richer web experience and at the meantime, halting all types of security vulnerabilities.

Mozilla will be trying the Rust programming language and the experimental Servo Web browser engine on Android and ARM, which will explore the possibilities of deeper research on mobile.

According to Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich, the Servo engine is aimed at taking advantage of multicore, heterogeneous computing architecture. But will this succeed? We will know in a few months for sure.

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