Avatarbook App for Kids Coming to LG Smart TVs

April 6, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Above and beyond the sheer glory of visual marvel that TVs offer these days, they have evolved from just being a broadcasting box to a full fledged entertainment unit running on developers’ proprietary platforms supported with ever updating app stores.

These smart TVs have access to all sorts of connectivity and include third party streaming services so that you will never run out of fresh content. The user interface is done with minimalist gesture navigation for making the complicated features easy to use.

Being a leading manufacture in the TV industry, LG is bringing in some state of the art services for consumers. Extending the range of entertainment, LG has announced a new app, called Avatarbook, for their Smart TV range.


Avatarbook is tailor made for kids and come about as an interactive educational app. The app is tailored with effortless interface to make the children play it without any assistance from the adults.

Avatarbook shares the idea of augmented reality where a child can merge straight into the virtual world playing as an animated avatar.

According to a press release from LG,  the app has classic story characters such as Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio and many more. It educates young viewers through direct interaction with music and various stories.

Kids can step right into the Avatarbook by taking a picture of them with a built-in camera of LG Smart TV. Once that is done, they can customize their avatar with different shapes, sizes, contrast and even hair styles.

The avatar will appear as an animated character in the storybooks and songs. LG App Store will be launching the Avatarbook this month.

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