Samsung Patenting Siri-Like Feature for Robots

April 5, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There’s nothing new when you say ‘robots’ because we have been hearing and seeing quite a lot of these machines. But what’s new is when you get novelties from giants like Samsung.

The South Korean company has filed a patent application that would allow them to use a Siri-like feature in their next generation D-Copycat robots.

The patent, reportedly was filed in the US, last year in September, and in Korea, a year earlier. However, there are rumors that even though the patent filing has been done, these robots are currently stuck in certain phases that might prompt Samsung to lay off the project.


There are also rumors that the company is not so pleased with their latest Siri-like feature in the robots that they are now preparing a brief to submit before Judge Kohhh.

This would evidently show that what they have been doing was to nullify Apple’s Siri patent in order for Samsung to clone the technology without any legal issues.

While the news is quite intriguing, it does seem to come a few days after the April Fool’s Day.

We haven’t heard anything from the company regarding the matter, so you might as well read this and move on.

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