Nokia May Lose Out if They Don’t Bring Out 5-Inch Devices

April 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nokia may have found a grip in the smartphone market with their Lumia lineup, but that run won’t be too long if they don’t come up with a phablet model. At least that’s what industry pundits are pointing out.

There is a visible shift of consumers from normal smartphones to ones with big screens or phablets. Big screen allows for better viewing and browsing, which is pretty significant as most of the web-based work is now being done through mobile devices.

The big-screen handheld scene, the one with devices of 5-inch screen size, is mostly dominated by Samsung and Apple, and consumers lean towards these two giants whether going for a smartphone or a tablet.


Nokia is, at present, nowhere near the large-screen handheld category, which is why it is necessary for the Finnish company to enter the class to stay in the game.

The company’s pattern of not following the trend is evident even now. Previously, in 2004, it didn’t go after clamshell phones, and then it came out late with the touchscreens, and now it seems to be going the same way with big screens.

Francisco Jeronimo, an analyst at researcher IDC in London stressed that this is a trend that Nokia can’t miss out on. “People are using smartphones in different ways now, consuming media by streaming over faster mobile networks. A 5-inch screen for a smartphone just feels right in the hand,” he explained.

The sales of big handhelds have increased over a year, from 1.2 million to 29.7 million units within the space of 12 months. With such a growth spurt, it would put the Finnish company well in the game if it were to embrace the idea of phablets.

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