Tascam DR-60D Promises to Aid Audio Recorders

April 3, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Those who use their DSLRs for video recording can now get a new audio recorder which Tascam will be setting free. Tascam is aiming the DR-60D at videographers and filmmakers who can now eliminate the need for large recorders.

The device is compact and supports SD and SDHC cards, and it needs only four AA batteries. It offers 96kHz / 24-bit audio recording and files can be transferred using USB from the 4-track solid-state system to a computer.

You can record audio in both BWF and WAV formats using Auto Rec or Dual Rec mode. The compact design allows you to rig the DR-60D under a DSLR or into a recording rig.


There is a two quarter-inch XLR Locking Combo Mic/Line inputs (+48V Phantom Power) on the device. Also included is a standard 3.5mm stereo mic line-in port, camera in/out, line out, and headphone out.

Other features include a self-timer, file divide, up to CH3-4 monitor selector, +24dBu input, low cut filter, peak limiter, input delay, and MS decode that are useful for both professionals and beginners alike.

The soft buttons and dials promise noise elimination and the body of the device has been designed to eliminate unwanted noise. The DR-60D boasts an easy-to-use user interface and intuitive controls and multiple recording modes that include an automatic mode and a Safety Track mode.

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