Boston PD Uses Fake Punk Type Facebook Profiles to Keep Streets Clean and Quiet

April 2, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It has been only 2 or 3 weeks since a criminal case was solved by the police via checking out the accused person’s Facebook profile and it looks like the game has went to a higher level this time.

Boston Police Department is allegedly having fake Facebook profiles that resemble punk music loving users and they are using it to track down locations of punk parties in the neighborhood.

Once found, the BPD will go totally rogue and they become the party blasters. Police’s user names include ‘Joe Sly’ and ‘Boston Punk Zombie’ and though this isn’t confirmed yet, it is most likely that these usernames won’t be used from now on.


The reason for all this to happen is a nuisance control ordinance (PDF) that was passed last year. After it has been passed, there are strict rules against public nuisance and Boston PD has tried all other methods of containing the situation.

But these days, even investigators have to think like new generation guys and this led to the fake Facebook conundrum. Anyhow, this method does prove worthy and BPD did crash some parties. But the terms used by the fake profiles did convey that the user was not at all related to punk music as the word ‘concert’ will never come out of a true punk lover.

With Police moving to the cyber age, youngsters are soon making all their announcements private via SMSs and chats and the next possible step for the crime busters will be likely joining as potential members or hacking suspected accounts. Will it really get this far? Only time can unveil the answer to that question.

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