Apple iPhone 5S to Make Debut by June 20th

April 2, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

MacFan, a Japanese site that deals with Apple products, has claimed that the launch  date of the iPhone 5S will be tentatively June 20th. This 20 year old site has always reported true news and hopefully this one too will be accurate as well.

There were rumors that the next iPhone will be the iPhone 6 and there might not be an iPhone 5S. There were also a lot of rumors regarding the plastic cased phones from Apple. Though the site is not explaining about any of these, truth will unfold itself by June 20th it seems.

The specs of the upcoming iPhone 5S are not yet known. But many sources claim that there will only be a few important upgrades to its processors as well as the camera hardware.


But at the same time, though no one is quite sure whether this iPhone 5S might feature a Near-Field communications (NFC) chip for the first time from Apple. Even if this doesn’t show up, the next models from Apple are surely going to include NFC.

This is because of the simple reason that desperate times calls for desperate measures. Incorporating a NFC chip would allow the phone to perform secure transactions like file sharing even credit card payments.

According to various reports available from analysts, Apple will be releasing both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 in two models each as One model will feature the standard support for frequency-division duplexing (FDD) technology while the other model will provide its support to the unique time-division duplexing (TDD) technology used by China Mobile.

With the introduction of cheaper, smaller, and more power-efficient chipsets, Apple can certainly go for the release of an entry-level smartphone in addition to its current iPhone model and so it is safe in assuming that the iPhone 6 will be cheaper than what we are expecting.

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