Super Stickman Golf 2 Proves to be a Worthy Successor

April 1, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

I feel mobile games have become so popular because of 2 reasons. They are perfect solution for whiling away time and they are so much fun.

Utilizing both these 2 rationales, the sequel for Super Stickman Golf is now available for download. Having a ‘2’ as a suffix in the title, this game packs more features and add-ons that that ensure players more pleasurable experiences than before.

The sequel does have even more tools to aid in awesome precision. While the earlier version had 9-hole courses that blink the new ones begin by adding color-coded portals that transport your ball from one place to another. There are lasers that will zap your shot into dust and of course there are repulsing magnets that deflect your ball at the most inopportune time.


The latest version also has a mind blowing asynchronous turn-based mode, which lets you swap swings during the free moments in your day. It’s a smart solution for the game’s breezy, fast-paced formula and hopefully this feature might turn out to be the best feature of the latest sequel.

Any of the success you acquire will earn experience and levels up for the same account and in-time there will be unlocking of new golfers. In spite of all these, Golf Bux earned through gameplay is used to unlock powered-up hats, which you can swap at will and use strategically based on the selected location.

The animation, paths and all the other things related to the game have been done in a more slicker way so as to make the game overall interesting. The Bluetooth multiplayer support really kicks it off too. So, if you are that kind of guy who would like to spend some quality time in mobile gaming, this is definitely a game worth checking out and hopefully you will like it.

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