SpringPad Update Makes it More Powerful; Its Notebooks can now be Ported to Other Sites

April 1, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

SpringPad has always been a nice innovative idea as it helped in organizing the web content according to our preferences. With its newest update, it has gone beyond the line of mere innovation.

Now with the latest update, SpringPad permits its customers to port those same notebooks to other websites and display them anywhere on the web. The upgrade is to SpringPad v4.0 and it has already shed light on a notebook-embedding feature for publishers and product brands.

These brands can now create notebooks with their desired content and post those notebooks on their websites for others to see. Customers can therefore go through these notebooks just as they would through Springpad’s web and mobile apps.


Upon interest, the viewers can also save those notebooks into their own Springpad libraries for further follow up as well. Features of Springpad 4.0 don’t  end with this. The all new ‘My Springs’ category seamlessly shows what the user and the people he follows have added.

The expanded search quickly comes into action when the user is ready to watch, cook, read, go somewhere or is chilling out in his apartment. One tap is all the user needs to view all his notes, checklists, photos, bookmarks and other Springs regardless of what notebook they are in.

Developers have said that they have done numerous stability, speed and performance improvements that will make this upgrade a huge bonus over the prevailing version.

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