Headflat on Your Head Leaves Your Smartphone Hands-Free

April 1, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A stroll along the street or park or waiting at the subway will show you the new generation zombies – people who walk, sit and run with their heads fixed on the screen in front of them, and their hands cupped around a smartphone. It’s one effect of technology that has rendered our forelimbs useless, other than to text and swipe screens with.

That maybe why Google has come forward with their Google Glass, hoping to make the foray into virtual world hands-free. But Google Glass is expensive, costing around $1,500, so there’s an alternative tech available; but be warned- it can make you look needlessly stupid.

It’s a head mount invented by Dirk Keune, and it’s named Headflat, and it’s currently in the Kickstarter program. The apparatus, relatively inexpensive at $49, is a kind of a cap with a mount that can fit a smartphone of any size.


Placed on your head, the Headflat can mount your smartphone within line-of-sight and you can play games, watch movies, read books and do endless other things hands-free. The device also has a wireless controller that will be especially useful when you play games.

The Headflat is a pretty invention, but you would look rather silly wearing it, especially if you stroll outside. But inside the confines of your room, the Headflat will serve you well.

Keune has requested $100,000 on Kickstarter to raise the Headflat commercially. If you pitch in early, you can get one for $49.

Image00002The bundle will include the Headflat, a controller and two games that run on iOS or Android. After the early slots are filled, the device would carry a price of $79, which would further go up to retail at $99.

There are combo offers of 2 Headflats for $119, 5 for $382, and a 10 pack for $769.

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