Wireless Charging Technology Still Has to Mature

March 27, 2013, By Alex Badinici

Wireless charging is a fast rising technology that many deems useful than carrying around cables. But as much as it is useful, there are certain snags like incompatible standards and competing interests that restrict its growth.

But there may be ways through which the technology might tunnel through, as AT&T shows how through a new standard of wireless charging. The standard, known as the PMA or Power Matters Alliance, is headed by Powermat Technologies and Procter & Gamble, and it has seen an increase in membership over the past few months.

You would find its technology in use in Boston-area Starbucks and select European McDonald’s. Getting one robust standard would be a welcome change to those who jump across bandwagons.


Daniel Hays, a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, agrees that Wireless charging is a niche category up until the time a common standard emerges. “The hassle factor is still high,” he says.

The Mobile World Congress that took place this year had various alliances blowing their horns, crying out their wares were the standard to follow. Besides the PMA there is Qi, which is  run by the more established Wireless Power Consortium.

This is the primary standard that you will find in today’s smartphones. There’s also the A4WP or Alliance For Wireless Power that speaks of a more novel and convenient method of wireless charging.

They hold Samsung and Qualcomm as their major backers, but they will be arriving in markets next year.

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