Google Chromebook Pixel LTE Version will Set You Back High on Data Plans

March 27, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s Chromebook Pixel is getting an LTE version, and although that should sound good, it really doesn’t put much of a grin on users’ faces. That’s mainly because the LTE plans would rip out money from your pockets without any mercy.

The data plans for the LTE Pixel has day rates starting at $10, but after that, the amount will start ringing similar to any of the prepaid data user. Combine that with a $1,450 laptop and you will see the cash running out of your pockets post haste!

The Cr-48’s significant feature that consumers looked at was the inclusion of the Verizon Wireless 3G data. The laptop, as you might have heard, was going around for free as a publicity stunt for the Chrome OS, but apart from that, the device allowed access to mobile data for free; if you wanted more, all you needed to do was pay a daily rate.


Users were able to get 100MB per month for two years with the Cr-48, with unlimited data for $10 per day standing at the sidelines. However, with the Chromebook Pixel, while the data would give you joy, the price certainly won’t.

The LTE version, which would start shipping on April 8th, will be hosting the same program as the Cr-48, whereby you can have 100MB per month for free on LTE or pay $10 a day for unlimited LTE. But fast forward to two years and you will notice that 100MB won’t give you much usage.

There are options available, if you did rather go for caches of data to use through the week. Paying $20 for 1GB, $35 for 3GB, or $50 for 5GB might work for you then.

But since Verizon isn’t the only player around, you might get some cheaper packs. But if having an LTE in your Chromebook Pixel absolutely matters to you, then you have to cough up an extra $150.

That will get you on the prepaid customer list of Verizon, enabling you to have 2GB of free data during the two years you are together with Google. Well, anyone cool enough to cough up $1,500 for a Chrome OS device might not have to worry too much on the monthly rates.

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