Windows Blue and Haswell Chips Might Come to Ultrabooks

March 25, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ultrabooks with Intel’s upcoming Haswell chips will possibly also be integrated with Windows Blue. Haswell would be Intel’s next-generation mainstream processor and the company would be setting them free in June.

The processors are meant to power ultrabooks as well as a variety of hybrid devices that walk the line between tablet and laptop designs. According to Intel CEO Paul Otellni, the Haswell technology will effectively bring about the “single largest generation-to-generation battery life improvement in Intel history”.

Windows Blue, which is Microsoft’s update to Windows 8, will be bringing in a lot of improvements which go further than Haswell devices. The software is expected to enhance and contribute to the system’s overall power efficiency.


The software giant is currently building a “power model” that will be able to adapt to a variety of mobile devices that differ in their performance output. So with that in mind, having Windows Blue in a device with the mainstream Intel chips will be more like a smartphone or a tablet’s operating system.

This technology, that sparks off from both Microsoft and Intel, would render an ultrabook to be insanely fast, probably faster than an Ivy Bridge PC, but will have a longer battery life. Ivy Bridge is Intel’s current mainstream chip which is fast, but going by the report, Haswell would knock off more than the Ivy Bridge processor.

The next-generation Intel chip, reportedly, comes with an improved ‘standby’ technology that would keep the device connected to e-mail, social-networking sites and the Internet, even when the system is sleeping. This would mean that the device would always remain connected, allowing for automatic updates and such to take place.

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