LG Smartwatch and Google Glass Rival in the Horizon

March 25, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The other day we were talking about Samsung’s plans to enter the smartwatch business. Close on the heels of that comes news of Google foraging into the same territory with a Nexus smartwatch. On top of this, LG will be joining the party as well.

But between the two, LG would be having a bit more experience than Google about the smartwatch business, as the company had launched a smartwatch in 2009, named GD910. So, with a history to fall back on, LG come out on top.

There is speculation that LG’s smartwatch will be running Firefox OS, instead of going for an Android platform. More so, because one of the company’s smartphones would also be carrying the Firefox OS.


Now, when you have a smartphone with the latest features loaded, you wouldn’t find the prospect of a smartwatch too exciting, which is why LG is also looking to rival Google with their own version of the Google Glass.

Google’s own product hasn’t come out into the wide world yet, so when LG takes on the idea, they might bring out some differences in the equation. Here too, LG might not consider Android for the OS; maybe Firefox would get the nod here too.

There are a lot of smartwatch rumors going around these days. Probably the only notable difference that would set them apart will be the different operating systems they run on.

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