Nintendo Wii U Gathering Dust in Stores

March 23, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nintendo hasn’t got what it had hoped for from the Wii U. It is an open acknowledgement that the console hasn’t done anything remarkable in sales for the company, especially with the latest figures.

The US sales in January was just a meager 59,000 units, which went up a notch in February to 64,000 units. When compared to the hype the console had during the launch in November and sales of 890,000 units during the holidays, this is very disappointing.

The talk among retailers is that the Wii U isn’t sales material anymore. To get customers interested, some of the retailers in the UK even slashed the prices of the consoles unofficially, and even that didn’t work.


The situation has put Nintendo in a spot of trouble. Game retailers are, reportedly, thinking of reducing their support for the Wii U.

This would mean less promotional materials online as well as through in-store advertising. Also, stores would allot less space on shelves for the Nintendo hardware.

With the impending launch of PS4 and Xbox 720 later this year, anything on the downside would be a big blow for Nintendo. To keep things smooth for the present, the company has called upon the retailers to convince them to carry on their support for the Wii U.


To get a footing, the company might release a horde of games for the platform this year. Another more obvious way might be to slash the price of the console, and that would be something the retailers would want too, but it needs to be seen whether the company would oblige.

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