BlackBerry Looking to Launch Around Four BB10 Devices This Year

March 22, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

BlackBerry is bouncing back with their BB10 devices. Their BlackBerry Z10, which launches today, has won applause for being getting the right mix of business and entertainment.

The company is now looking to further their run with another flagship handset that would rock the holiday season. CEO Thorsten Heins says he’s really very excited but not able to share his excitement at the moment.

But the CEO did confirm that they would be having another device coming out later this year, as well as a device for the holidays. All in all, he said that we might see about three or four BlackBerry 10 devices this fiscal year.


The company started off this year with two new devices; one was the all-touch BlackBerry Z10 while the other was the BlackBerry Q10, similar to the classic QWERTY BlackBerry. According to Heins, carrier approval would determine the release of the Q10 in markets.

That would bring the Q10 one or two months behind the Z10 on shelves. While reviewers were pleased with the latest offerings from BlackBerry, industry observers are waiting to see how the handsets would fare among customers.

But it seems Heins has enough confidence about his products as he is already planning the future releases. What the company hopes to do is to create a product portfolio where there would be three tiers of smartphones, with each tier having their choice of QWERTY and touch-screen.

Heins calls this strategy as his “one-two punch”. “We’re building that portfolio. We need to get into that depth and into those tiers,” he said.

The upcoming devices will all sport screen size similar to the Z10 (a 4.2-inch display) or the Q10, whose display is half that of the Z10. The resolutions and the dimensions will all be same, allowing developers to create an array of apps that would spread evenly across the board of future BlackBerry devices.

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