Samsung Faces LG Ire Over Eye-Tracking Patents

March 21, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung is never free from lawsuits, it seems. This time it’s LG’s turn to accuse Sammy of infringing their eye-tracking patents.

The allegations arose after Samsung came out with their Galaxy S4. The dispute deals with the device’s “Smart Pause” and the “Smart Video”, which are seen on the LG Optimus G Pro. Both the devices automatically pause the video when your eyes move away from the screen.

According to LG, they had applied for the patent way back in 2009, they also applied for patents relating to other eye-tracking applications in the year 2005. While LG does blame Samsung about the infringement, they can’t do anything until the Samsung Galaxy S 4 launches next month; then they can voice their suspicions.


Samsung, on the other hand, says they haven’t infringed upon any of LG’s patents. The company says that the “Smart Pause” technology is their own and not of anyone else’s invention.

The Optimus G Pro from LG was shown off at the Mobile World Congress in February, and the device should be making an appearance in US markets next month. The company has already rolled out an update for their new phone that allows eye scrolling, like the ‘Smart Scroll’ in Samsung’s handset.


Both the companies have had skirmishes in the past. Once the Samsung flagship phone is out, we might hear more on LG’s claims.

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