British Airways UnGrounded Innovation Lab Flight to Pack Techies in One Plane

March 21, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

British Airways is planning to pack techies on one plane. The airlines announced its first UnGrounded innovation lab flights whereby a 100 Silicon Valley brains will be assembled on a flight to London.

The trip, under partnership of the UN, is to make a base where the talent can be used to connect with the big problems of the world. The inaugural UnGrounded flight will take off on June 12th with 100 luminaries that include leaders from Google, Andreessen Horowitz, RocketSpace and more.

Simon Talling-Smith, the EVP of British Airways, explained that having great minds together will spring out greater innovations easier than having them sit alone in rooms.


The flight’s seats will be filled with founders, funders, engineers, academics, and a couple of journalists, and they will be allowed 10 hours wherein they can come up with a solution to a big problem.

The UnGrounded “innovation lab in sky”  flights could be done periodically, routing different locations. The difference between where technology innovators live and where the problems they could solve are present would be the topic of discussion among passengers on the inaugural flight.

After landing in London, the progress of their discussion shall be presented to the UN’s sponsored Decide Now Act (DNA) Summit and the Secretary General of the UN’s International Telecommunications Union. Todd Lutwak of Andreessen Horowitz, Leor Stern of Google, Celestine Johnson of Innovation Endeavors, Duncan Logan of RocketSpace, Gerald Brady of Silicon Valley Bank and Marguerite Gong Hancock of the Stanford GSB will be among the passengers, while the rest of them will be chosen according to their talent for contribution.

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