Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Support to End Next Year

March 19, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If a two-year contract Windows Phone is in your shopping list, then it would do you good to know that the chances of you having that device for a long term is low. You might be forced to upgrade or stay with a handset that would be useless to you by the time your deal ends.

This is because, according to a Microsoft support document that was revealed by Italian site Plaffo, the Windows Phone 8 support would be withdrawn in July 2014, which is just 16 months from now.

The document talks of Windows Phone 8 being past its “lifecycle start date”, which is also when the software giant starts to tick down the days to end support.


Microsoft has only just lifted its head a bit with the success of their Windows Phone 8, especially the Nokia Lumia 920, which got some good reviews. Now that they are relinquishing the reins from Windows Phone 8, even though its only been a short while in the market, many take the move to note the company’s action to mean that they are going to focus on their Surface hybrid tablets.

There is also speculation that the reason Microsoft is ending the support is because they are clearing the way for their Windows Phone 8.5 or Windows Phone 9. So, the company knows the right time when the WP 8 should go, and in its stead their new device should take the place.

If that is the case, then Microsoft seems to be following the path of Apple in releasing an annual OS revision, which is quite faster than some major Android launches. And notify consumers about the demise of the WP8 also allows them to take note that the company has had time to prepare well for the upgrade.

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