J-31 is the Stealth Fighter that China Always Wanted; Might Move to the Seas

March 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It appears that China may indeed be working to turn its second stealth fighter, the J-31, into an aircraft carrier-borne fighter.

The chief designer of the J-31 has revealed that he hopes an improved version of the J-31 will be able to operate from carriers. The J-31 is smaller than China’s other stealth fighter, the Chengdu J-20, meaning that it would be easier to fit on a crowded carrier.

As I’m so much into fighter planes, I know that this plane strongly resembles the U.S. Navy’ next-generation carrier fighter, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. But I don’ think the technologies are similar. China has always relied upon their technologies in creating the smartest fighter planes and the J-31 will be quite an example once it rolls out or if I may say, flies out.


The J-31 that was unveiled last September will likely complement the J-20. It may be a multi-role fighter designed to attack both air and ground targets in the same way the F-35 is meant to.

It would use its enormous engines to speed out and shoot down incoming fleets of attack planes.

It may also be a stealth bomb truck designed to, again, speed out while evading enemy radars and attack ships and bases with bombs and cruise missiles carried in its large weapons bays.

Though no information regarding its way to the blue seas are out yet, everyone who has some connection with the fighter planes and carriers know that China will make it happen.

Meanwhile, the image of the Iran Stealth Fighter was making military officials from other countries jaw drop so deep that it was the best fighter photo they have ever seen in their lives.

But as it turns out, those photos were Photoshopped so elegantly that it looked so realistic. So it is safe in assuming that Iran won’t be attacking other nations with this fighter plane anytime soon.

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