Bionic Arm Capable of Performing Simple Everyday Tasks

March 15, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We are so much dependent on our limbs that we, more often than not, don’t pay attention to the simple tasks that we do on a normal day-to-day basis. We don’t normally appreciate how helpful it is to have the use of all our limbs.

For example, try buttoning up a shirt using only one hand, or drive with only one hand. It would be almost impossible.

But with the advancement of technology and robotics, loss of limbs are not permanent, in the sense that we can get a robotic or bionic arm or leg to replace the one we had.


Fifty three-year-old Nigel Ackland had lost his arm six years ago in an accident. Last year in November, he was fitted with a carbon fiber arm and a Bebionic 3 myoelectric hand. This bionic appliance can perform complex actions.

In the video, he demonstrates how simple tasks, which also need a lot of dexterity, can be accomplished using his robotic arm and fingers. Actions like tying a shoelace and dealing a pack of cards, actions which we take for granted, are simply executed using the bionic arm.

The robotic arm follows the movements from Ackland’s upper arm. The Bebionic 3 hand is programmed to respond to muscle twitches and it is so precise that it can perform even small actions like buttoning a shirt.

Obviously, the robotic arm won’t have the dexterity and maneuverability of an actual arm, but the bionic arm can rotate its wrist and spin around 360 degrees, which is helpful in accomplishing many tasks like grasping objects. Some of those movements are done in a way which is even better than those done by a normal hand.

Watch the video, as it is quite impressive how Ackland performs various actions. You can visit the product website to know more about the bionic hand system.

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