Re-Painting your Room? Just Photoshop it in Seconds!

March 13, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Re-painting a room with the apt shade and texture have been always a messy and time consuming task for everyone. But now it can be done in seconds with the hardware cum software combo called ‘Lighty’.

It basically helps you redecorate your room with lighting and shades and once the lights are set up, all you have to do is draw on a tablet-like interface and you can see the image you draw turn into a reality as the changes you accomplish on the tablet will be projected on to the room by the synchro lights placed in the ceiling. Yes, it is simple as that.

Interiors can be brightened by coloring in white with the brush tool, and by using black they can be darkened.


This intuitive interface simplifies the controlling of complex lighting systems. The brightness distribution levels input to the computer are rendered visible as contours.

In this 1/12 scale prototype, there are 12 lights which are moved on two axes by gimbals, to create accurate levels of brightness distribution.

The optimal arrangement is calculated by parallel processing with a GPU, which makes it possible to reflect the result immediately.

Right now, Lighty is just a scale model. However, the developers plan to work with life-sized rooms, and potentially large halls, in future.

When they do, this product will certainly change the way we look at painting rooms forever.

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