An Android Watch Companion for Your Smartphone

March 13, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Italian company I’m SpA has revealed a watch that they claim to be the next best thing to go with a smartphone.

The I’m Watch, which runs on Android 2.1, displays information like appointments, email, Facebook and Twitter updates on the go. But like all gizmos that come under this category, they are unable to perform smoothly.

The device has a large, 1.54-inch color LCD screen with a resolution of 240×240, and is encased in a robust aluminum housing, and weighs 2.9 ounces.


The company is releasing the gadget in a limited-edition gold-plated version, although it would set you back by $1,500. The design looks quite hefty, with its wide wrist strap and a big face.

Unlike most other watches, this one doesn’t have too many controls, except for one circular button on the right side, next to the microphone. On the left there is a 3.5mm headphone jack through which the watch can both be charged as well as used as an audio output.

I’m Watch would serve as an accessory to your iPhone and Android handset, allowing you to bring in new data in real time. Apart from Twitter and Facebook updates, you can check up on stocks or the weather, as well as have fun with Instagram and Picasa images.

There is a News app that lists out headlines under different categories like Sci Tech, Nation, World, Business, and Entertainment. The app is integrated with Google Service and takes in sources and headlines from it directly.

The watch also holds some basic PIM functions like appointments, address book, calculator, and a digital compass are loaded in. Also, connecting your I’m Watch to a phone app will allow you to dial calls without even taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

But the time segment that rules a watch’s face is categorized in here. The digital clock on the main home screen, an analog watch app and an I’m Time world clock are the three types you get.

The gizmo doesn’t have too many software programs that are compatible with it. As of now, there are about 44 apps in the I’market, and most are not juicy enough.

The I’m Watch’s 450mAh rechargeable battery is not a strong one, and you are lucky if you can get 24 hours of performance. Perhaps the next editions that come out would pack better power and longevity.

I’m Watch is quite expensive at $349. Not enough bang for the buck, sadly.

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