Google Talking Shoes Have a Personality of their Own

March 12, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Imagine a shoe that will sing out, “Get up, lazy bones, time for a jog!”  Or, if you push too hard, gasp, “Whoa there, hero, I can’t take any more!” Fantasy? Not anymore.

Internet giant Google showcased such a shoe at the SXSW as an example of what data interpretation could all be about. The shoes they showed off looked like any ordinary Adidas, but with a personality of its own! And could it talk!

The shoe is fitted with a computer, a speaker, as well as an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a pressure sensor. While making movements, the shoe can actually talk to the person wearing them.


The shoe utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect itself to the internet, and can provide location and directions using Google’s mapping app. If you’re sitting idly somewhere, the shoe may even drawl, “This is super boring.” It’s a part of the Art Copy & Code project, designed to push the frontier of marketing and advertising.

The commercial possibilities for this talking shoe are endless. The only problem is Google has no plans to commecialize the technology. It will remain an experiment as of now.

However, Apple had announced in January that it was developing an athletic shoe that would let its owner know when it was time to buy a new pair.

The alert could come in the form of a flashing light or beep but would also incorporate a wireless interface, presumably connecting to an iPhone or iPad. Maybe, now they can develop it further. Here’s an Engadget video for you.

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