Windows 8 Touchscreen Laptops May Be Cheaper

March 11, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With demand for Windows RT declining, Microsoft is now banking on Windows 8 and is even cutting down its price by half.

Microsoft recently announced that it had managed to sell 60 million Windows 8 licenses. This figure includes upgrades from older versions and sales to its manufacturing partners, but had still not reached its target. Hence, the price cut.

However, Asus’ CEO has divulged that “overall acceptance” of Windows 8 in the fourth quarter has not been up to the mark. Furthermore, Asus shared that it had shipped 3 million tablets during the fourth quarter of 2012, of which only 5 percent were Windows devices.


The rest were Android. Many reports have also indicated that Microsoft will lower the price of Windows 8 for PC makers in the coming months.

These reports adds that these discounts are being offered since February and under it, a combination of Windows 8 and Office is being sold for just $30, while the regular price was $120. This discount is only for devices that are 10.8-inches or smaller.

In the past, Microsoft hasn’t been as willing to shift its strategy by lowering the licensing fees for equipment makers, but the rise of Google’s cheaper Chromebooks and Android tablets may have caused them to adjust their gameplan.

Microsoft’s new focus appears to be on reaching the smaller touchscreen market just as the back-to-school season starts, and more consumer-friendly pricing would certainly help Windows 8’s sales.

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