Beyerdynamic T90 Headphone is the Best in its Class

March 11, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Where headphones are concerned, Beyerdynamic has always had a formidable reputation.

Their products seek to prioritize quality audio, and the company is well known for their high-end headphones. The Beyerdynamic T90 is a relatively new introduction to their line-up. With an open back design, obviously the device is meant for audiophiles who want to get down to some serious, private listening.

The impressive matte silver finish is classic and the ear-cup supports have a touch of brushed aluminum finish.


The defining characteristic of the product however is the fine, chocolate brown grill providing the open-ear feature for the product. The ear-cups are provided with approximately 30 degrees of swivel on the vertical plane, which should allow them to adapt to the contours of every user’s head.

The headband length can also be altered to further assist on a getting a good fit. Users can interface the T90 with the help of a 3.5mm connector or a 6.35mm connector, of which the latter can be easily screwed on or off.

Speaking about connectivity, the Beyerdynamic T90 has a nominal impedance of 250 Ohms. Amplification units in portable devices such as the iPod Classic 160GB and everyday smartphones do not have enough power to fully realize the potential of these headphones. The sound will seem like it has the volume dialed down.

Beyerdynamic T90 is quite the tool to ensure that you get maximum pleasure from you audio playback experience. With a tag of $649, it is pricey. But what’s money if it buys you perfection!

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