Microsoft Reveals Vision of the World; Looks Absolutely Beautiful

March 8, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Technology has grown so much these days that we can connect two dissimilar devices via any of the connecting technologies to share data and we certainly have made the most out of it.

So to widen the horizon and to give us a peek on what the world look like in the near future, Microsoft has released a video as part of their Microsoft Vision. Watching the video would tempt anyone to modify their homes! Amazing how technologies can alter our lives for the better!

Focused on home and work, Microsoft puts forward a vision of multiple giant displays powered by devices and services. In one particular scenario a Surface tablet attaches to a touchscreen to link and transfer data.


Touchscreens are persistent throughout and the idea of voice activation and the convenience of using multiple devices and services is apparent.

Microsoft’s latest vision does have some elements in common with its previous productivity vision for 2019. The video is part of a new Envisioning Center at Microsoft where the software giant is testing its latest ideas and technologies.

Microsoft’s vision does seem pretty realistic, but the huge touch display walls and projected interfaces are certainly ready to burn some pockets.

The video illustrates a touch and voice controlled home where media can be swiped, flicked, and generally shifted all over the home; your kitchen can identify the vegetables you’re holding; and every footstool will be equipped with its own Surface.

Will Microsoft be able to pull this off in 5-10 years? Well, they certainly seem to think so.

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