Kindle Kind to Your Erotic Needs

March 8, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Once upon a time, ‘porn’ was a word used only in whispers and in very secret conversations.

However, nowadays people don’t seem to bother about etiquette anymore. An obvious example is the availability of erotic e-books on Kindle and it is readily accessible to everyone, including children. The company, however, claims  that it filters all adult contents.

The influx of what is termed ‘erotic romance’ in Kindle and Nook itself has raised eyebrows, not to mention the suggestive cover art featuring scantily clad figures.








While the situation does not actually threaten to sabotage the integrity of our society, such irresponsibility does not speak well of one of the most popular reading devices in the world.

One can only hope that the company pays more attention in the future to ensure that the contents of the site are family and child friendly.

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