Weird: iPhone Underpants Look Funky

March 7, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are thousands of iPhone accessories out there and almost all iPhone users have bought at least a few. While most of them have some use for at least a few, the jury seems to be out on the latest accessory – iPhone underpants.

It looks great as well as awkward – depending on how you look at it. And the biggest dampener is the price.

The pros are that you get a unique personalization of your iPhone. The home button will get all the protection it needs and if you are lucky enough you can get these in the same color as your iPhone’s back cover.







On the other hand, it does look silly. It’s not like an iPhone has body parts to be covered in underpants. Secondly, it will set you back by $2.13 and you could have bought something useful from the flea market for that  price.

In a gadget world, where fashion and style statements are everything, these smartpants  can join the crew and there seems nothing wrong with it. Consumers can choose from 8 different styles that include briefs, striped panties, boomerang, leopard-print thong, boxer briefs, bright red thong, strawberry panties, and ‘secret.

Apparently, a site was created to allow smartphone users to pre-order their very own pair of underpants.

So, underpants or not? Skeptics, please note all items are currently sold out. As for the fans, there’s a waiting period before they can make their iPhones look cool with these underpants.

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