Human Interface Devices Move Ahead; Ego! SmartMouse is Key to New Gen Tech [Video]

March 6, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After the personal computer arrived, there were so many advancements in how humans should be interacting with these machines. The latest technology that could revolutionize this human-machine interaction is the Ego! Smartmouse.

Created by the UK-based design firm Laura Sapiens, the Ego! Smartmouse is the product of a team with strong engineering and interaction design backgrounds.

Powered by a 400 MHz ARM9 microcontroller, the Ego! smartmouse runs on a version of Linux with up to 8GB of flash storage that can also be used to easily transfer files between computers.


In addition to the traditional optical mousing sensor, the mouse is packed with an accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass so that it can be used for everything from manipulating a 3D model to flying a plane in a simulator game.

There’s also a small touch strip, presumably for scrolling, and a few LED lights for good measure. While the mouse connects via Bluetooth, the Ego! generates a QR code that it then reads with its VGA camera to make the pairing between devices go faster.

There are also hand gestures for accessing the files stored on the mouse and for transferring them. The Ego! even stores Web bookmarks and remembers logins and passwords for favorite sites. Now this is a device every techie had been dreaming about till yesterday.


Moreover, Ego! Smartmouse offers maximize comfort and usability in its different grips and uses (especially in gaming). Thanks to its symmetrical design, it can be customized for both left-handed and right-handed users.

Via Kickstarter, Laura Sapiens is turning to crowdfunding options to help raise funds for his innovative device. So if you have some money that you have saved for buying a cool gadget, this is it boys. This is one product that can blow your mind.

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