And now, a baby-naming service

March 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Being pregnant is a difficult thing to deal with, but many consider naming their babies a bigger hurdle. So to help those in need, the website called will help moms and dads choose their baby’s names. At the same time, this site offers the belly ballot service with which even strangers will be given the opportunity to name one’s baby.

Though this may seem preposterous at first, it actually works. Effectively, responsibility goes to a complete stranger and in most cases, people who have no direct connection with baby’s family can come up with very good names. So either way it is a win-win situation.

Natasha Hill, a 26-year-old teacher from San Diego, US, has been chosen as the winner of a promotional contest with Hill was picked out of a pool of 80 applicants to let the internet name her baby.

baby name

Baby Ballot picked Hill because of ‘her honesty and enthusiasm’. The baby names that appear on the ballot are based on current trending names and Advertiser Sponsorships and Belly Ballot then selects which names appear on the ballot.

Next voting will commence on March 18 through March 22 and then the winner names their baby whichever name gets the most votes.

According to Belly Ballot co-founder Lacey Moler, they can’t wait to see what happens for 2013. No matter what though, it appears that it will be the most interesting and diverse year for naming trends ever.

But will the babies like their names in future? No one knows about that, but if they didn’t parents won’t be the people who can be blamed. So if you are a confused parent,  this service may just give your baby might the coolest name ever.

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