BeeWi Mobot Controls your Gadgets and Alerts You if an Intruder Enters your Home

March 1, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all know about the latest Lumia phones from Nokia that feature wireless charging. It’s so cool to wirelessly control power and now there is a device that lets us control power even when we are far away.

This device, called Mobot, comes from the famous electronic toy maker BeeWi. The primary Mobot will have a SIM card and the other Mobots will contact the primary via bluetooth. With the iOS app associated with the Mobot, the owner can control all the Mobots which apparently is a power plug.

Mobot is actually much more than a power controllable power plug. It has a temperature sensor to warn you if there is a fire. A motion detector to inform you whether there is an intruder on your home or when your baby is sleep-walking again.


The manufacturers even considered putting an internal battery inside each Mobot so that when the power runs out, the devices will have some left to continue with the tricks it usually does.

The price of the Mobot might set you back by $195 for the primary and $80 each for the SIM-less Mobots. But considering the productivity it offers, the price still falls under the category of ‘reasonable’. So if you think you are techie enough or if you are a person who wants to safeguard your home and family, this product might aid you in the overall process.

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