Microsoft Surface Pro Gives You Unmatched Performance in Handwriting Recognition

February 28, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Things were going great, as until now. Men used physical keyboards with all the alphanumeric mumbo jumbo and all were happy. That’s when innovation came and destroyed the whole ‘world is perfect’ concept.

Innovation gave us touchscreens and later gadgets with huge screens and no keyboards came along. So to input words, man invented handwriting recognition and voice recognition of which the latter made him exactly like a surrogate.

The best path was to choose handwriting recognition technology and though many of us don’t know, the Microsoft Surface Pro is the most advanced device in this sector.


The Surface Pro can literally spell out anything the user writes on it with the stylus. If you’re the type that could really benefit from pen input, the pressure sensitive stylus does a great job in most of the applications.

The edges of the Surface Pro display warp the input slightly and the calibration doesn’t seem to offer any noticeable benefit, but for most of the things you’ll do the Surface Pro the pen is a real treat.

Students will find the benefits of note-taking in One Note to be considerable and it’s a good time pass to check whether the tablet recognize whatever you write on it. But amazingly, it almost succeeds every time.

The Surface Pen can also be used like a mouse. Switch seamlessly between touch, pen, mouse and keyboard. Palm block technology lets you write comfortably without worrying about your hand touching the screen.

Using the pen to draw in programs like Sketchbook, lets the device’s performance approaches that of high-end devices like the Wacom’s Cintiq devices.

So it’s effectively cheaper as a 12-inch Cintiq costs around $850, and isn’t a standalone device. So in short, if you are a pen guy, do go for the Surface Pro.

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