PointGrab Makes Gesture Control Possible on iPhones and iPads

February 27, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are gesture controls on laptops, gaming consoles and almost all gadgets, except the iPhone and iPad. So to rise above this limitation, an Israeli firm called PointGrab has come forward at this year’s CES and they are planning to launch their SDK to the public after having successfully tackled the problems that everyone was facing in incorporating gesture control to iDevices.

At the CES, PointGrab showed 2 pieces of software that were developed with the SDK. One was an iOS app called CamMe, which allowed us to take photos with hand gestures.

Once the integrated webcam detects our hand with our palm facing the lens, all we have to do is to close our hand and the 3-second timer begins counting down, culminating in a photo being shot.


This is extremely helpful when the photographer wants to look directly at their subjects rather than their small image on the device’s screen. The CES audience was also shown an archery simulator that was developed with PointGrab’s SDK, which they interacted with in a similar manner.

To pick up the webcam’s sensor, they held the audience’s representative’s palm up facing it. Once his hand was detected, he closed his palm, physically pulled back his arm and then opened his hand again so that the arrow is fired. The amount of strength one puts into the shot depended on how far back his arm was when he reopened his hand.

The archery app stole many hearts due to the natural replication of hand movements it offered while comparing it with a real archery game. The CamMe app will be available for iOS next month and for OSX by the end of March and it will include the PointGrab SDK.

PointGrab hopes that developers will take the SDK and make more and more apps in a way that will make them the most innovative apps in the market.

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