Looxcie HD Captures Your Life and Puts it On Facebook

February 27, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook has become a way of life but it still lacks something. Yes, it is none other than live streaming. But it looks like some people knew that this was going to change and that’s why they have already come up with the cutest and gorgeous gadget called Looxcie HD.

This is a small video capturing device enabled with Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth to live stream recorded data directly to users’ Facebook walls. The associated app can be downloaded and once linked, it is what all it takes to live stream your life into the world of social networking.

As it connects wirelessly to the user’s smartphone or tablet, one can use it anytime and anywhere. There is also an option for creating an ‘instant replay’ of what just happened, with the unique Instant Clip button.


The Looxcie HD can record Full HD videos up to 1080p @30fps or 720p @60fps. But live streaming is limited to 480p as higher the quality, more data usage it will consume.

Users can simultaneously stream and record videos. Design-wise, this device is sleek, hands-free and comes with a wide range of mounting options. With weather-resistant enclosure for use in virtually any climate and with the inclusion of a low-light sensor for use in dim lighting, the makers did know what they were making and for what all situations the device will be used.


The product box will include Looxcie HD video cam, Looxcie HD removable battery, water-resistant rear panel covers, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Accessories Guide, Warranty statement (1-year limited warranty), Ball Cap Clip, Helmet Mount, Bike Mount and a Looxcie HD pouch.

So if you want your friends to see what you see at the same exact moment, then don’t go any further. Looxcie HD is the right product for you.

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