NYPD Special Division to Recover Stolen Apple Devices

February 25, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looking at the NYPD, you can easily see that these guys have put up a team for almost all types of crimes ranging from pick pocketing to multiple homicides. With the number of cases filed in regard with stolen Apple devices on the rise, NYPD has decided to launch a team specifically to track missing Apple devices. The team is currently working on numerous stolen iPhone cases.

Devices are tracked the same way they always have been: with the help of their built-in tracking number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity).

Once the tracking number has been relayed to Apple, the Cupertino company can locate the device and send the police to retrieve it.


The wireless industry has been working hard to integrate with law enforcement on a number of levels. Along with Apple’s direct work with the NYPD, the wireless industry as a whole has been working to form a database of tracking numbers to help keep theft down, or at the very least, return as many stolen devices as possible.

However, that won’t launch until November of 2013. Additionally, carriers are working with officials to develop a next-generation 911 system that includes texting, MMS, as well as calls. But the efficiency of this system is yet to be certified. In 2012 the NYPD reported 3,484 more major crimes than in 2011, boosted by an increase of 3,890 Apple-product thefts.

Stolen iPhones and iPads have led to vicious beatings and even deaths. This is the reason why Police people are so into this. Cops also hope the partnership with Apple will help catch the culprits who are taking and re-selling the devices.

One stolen iPad was tracked to the Dominican Republic and recovered with the help of an NYPD intelligence cop assigned to Santo Domingo. In another case, it busted a man suspected of selling stolen iPads at a city bus stop by tracking them with Apple’s help.

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