Smartwatch with Flexible Display; Apple Scores Patent

February 23, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Last time, when a patent was filed by Apple for flexible glass, it was speculated that this was indeed for the smartwatch aka ‘iWatch’.

Well, it seems that this rumor has indeed turned true. The latest patent application from Apple outlines a flexible screen with a “slap-wrap” bracelet that you can wear on the wrist, and it has been described as a wearable accessory. So, yes, the iWatch is coming and it will be a revolutionary product from Cupertino.

Among the possibilities described for the device, the terms in the patent are ‘a sensor for detecting a change between the flat state and the curled state of the bistable spring substrate’, ‘a kinetic energy gathering component’ and ‘a battery that can be recharged by way of a plurality of ambient light energy collectors disposed across a portion of one surface of the accessory device’.



All these sound really crazy, but apparently they all look like very good ideas for a digital watch.

The patent also illustrates a ‘communication link’ to a portable electronic device, presumably an iPad or iPhone. It sounds like the iWatch can’t do much on its own, but it can act as a second display for your iDevice.

The solar charging feature also looks very appealing. All we now need to know is whether people would buy this one. It will depend entirely upon their lifestyle as price and productivity are two aspects that make gadgets sell.

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