PS4 to Allow Used Games; Yoshida Puts Rumors to Rest

February 22, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The ceremony was great. The fans were totally influenced and the gaming demonstration was unparalleled. Yes, the PS4 games were officially unveiled and the whole thing looks simply superb.

To prop it up a bit, Sony’s Yoshido clarified that PS4 won’t be blocking used games, contrary to various reports and speculations.

Although the used-games-block has been touted for Sony several times, especially in the wake of an NFC patent, it’s really been persistent over on Microsoft’s side. It’s probably safe to say that now that Sony’s definitely not blocking used games, for Microsoft to do so would be a grievous error.


Sony said the PS4 console would be available for the holiday 2013 season though there were no comments on pricing. The PS4 console will be up against the next version of the industry-leading Xbox console, which is expected later this summer.

The controller on the new console dubbed “DualShock 4” will have a touch pad. Sony purchased US cloud-based gaming company Gaikai for $380 million in July. Using that technology, the new console will offer a cloud-gaming service.

The 8GB PlayStation 4, which has been in development for the last five years, can also instantly stream game content from the console to Sony’s handheld PlayStation Vita through a feature called ‘Remote Play’.

Sony has also revamped the user interface on the new PS4 console that keeps tabs on user preferences and added social networking features. Knack is the first official game for Sony’s PS4.

Knack has a character made up of stone blocks, which seems to grow on command, and is fighting goblins on part of the human race. Drive Club was the second and this game is a socially connected racing game where players can form teams as they race. Killzone, the much sought after FPS, also announced its release on PS4 and it all looked spectacular.

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