Even Death Can’t Stop You From Tweeting; LivesOn App Tweets on Behalf of You Post-Death

February 22, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Anyone who have seen the Bruce Willis Movie ‘Surrogates’ have either dreamt of building one or have feared that such a horrible time will destroy the very essence of mankind.

Sometimes, people don’t want some things to change from normal. But then, some people have become obnoxious about it.

One classic example is the fear of dying. So to go around the whole idea of death and continue your social networking, a new app will be hitting Twitter. Called ‘LivesOn’, this app’s algorithm will study its users’ tweets and continue to post even after his death.


Many have come forward saying that this app has gone beyond the limit as the dead should stay dead and no tweets from dead people are ever going to make anyone happy.

So is this a pathetic attempt to show your app developing skills and just to amass publicity at the same time? The developers of the app don’t seem to think so.

The company’s tagline reads, “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting”. By employing artificial intelligence technology, LivesOn is said to analyze its user’s main Twitter feed and the procedure will involve learning typical likes, tastes, and syntax so as to create “new” tweets.

The minimal homepage answers just a few questions about the service, like how LivesOn knows when a user has kicked the bucket, or even why anyone would want their Twitter feed to outlive them.

The application’s purpose, it seems, is to entice those still breathing to sign up for the service, get their tweets in order, then wait until they die to haunt family and friends via social media.

LivesOn even allows users to nominate an executor of their will. This person will be that someone who will decide when to cut the cord on a LivesOn account. And this one will come in handy personally as I would shut down anyone who has given me the privilege of being the executor after their death as I will have them in my heart and not on some social networking site.

Frankly, I don’t even believe in the perfection of an algorithm that can replicate any person’s behavioral pattern too. Even if this app succeeds, tweets from dead people aren’t what I signed on for when I joined Twitter. How about you?

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