Valentine’s Day Shocker: Woman Uses Digital Billboard to Tell Partner She is Dumping Him

February 15, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Dumping your partner on Valentine’s Day is pretty harsh. But advertising it on a billboard just so that the guy being dumped can see it is absolutely cruel. Such a billboard was seen at a gas station and so it is safe in assuming that the guy named Dan ( the guy who got dumped ) usually comes here.

It has been not yet confirmed whether Dan has actually seen it, but if he does, his heart is surely going to break. Not because, Laura dumped him. Just because he had to read it from a billboard.

The ad reads, “I’m leaving you for Gary. Your clothes are at your mum’s. I’ve changed the locks. Sorry to do this on Valentine’s Day. Laura”.


This has to be the meanest dump ever. It was taken out on an Amscreen digital billboard, which normally plugs deals on chocolate and snacks, but can be hired for around £100-a-month.

So it looks like “Laura” did not have to spend that much in order to reserve the space for her heartbreaking Valentine’s Day plan. Hopefully this “Gary” fellow knows what he is getting into with “Laura.” I am sure that for her next break up she will try to top this one.

I feel sorry for Dan, but what I’m really worried about is how Gary will be adjusting from now on. Hopefully, Dan (in the coming days) and Gary (in the near future) will meet a girl more wonderful than this billboard advertising woman.

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