Facebook to Promote Your Friend’s Posts if You Pay Enough

February 15, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook has let you pay to promote your own posts since October. For $7, the company promised that you could make a given post appear higher in your friends’ feeds. It was a new revenue stream and hasn’t created any hassle till now.

But that may change with social pressure to promote certain important posts from friends. According to a spokesperson from Facebook, this is a great service in many cases.

For example, if your friend is running a marathon for charity and has posted that information publicly, you can help that friend by promoting his post among all your friends. Basically, what it costs is just $7.


The feature will be released gradually to all users and won’t be available to those of us with more than 5,000 friends and followers –  presumably because it’s technologically tough to promote a post in so many feeds.

Also, you won’t be able to change the privacy settings on the post you’re promoting, so if it was set to just that person’s friends, then only your mutual friends will see it if you promote it. Charity donations, fundraising and publicizing events are just some uses of the new functionality that Facebook is highlighting.

This service will have the same price tag as promoting your own posts, which will vary depending on the user’s geographic location and the size of the person’s network.

When you see one you think deserves more attention, you can click the drop-down arrow next to a post to sponsor it, and it will reach a larger percentage of the original audience of the post.

That means promoting a friend’s post won’t violate their privacy settings. If the post was set to only show up for their friends, your payment will just make it show up to more of their friends. If their post is publicly visible, your promotion could appear to your friends, too. So, the real question is, are you willing to pay for promotion ?

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