Bump Update Makes File Transfer Between Mobile OSes As Well As From and To PC Easier

February 15, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Almost every Android user knows about the Bump app. But what all might not know is that the latest update for this app is more powerful than its previous versions.

First introduced in May 2012, the app featured the bumping of devices for connectivity but at that time it supported only photos. With the new update, users will be able to share any file from their phone to PC and vice versa.

In terms of the new file-sharing capabilities, Bump Technologies co-founder and CEO David Lieb illustrates common scenarios like backing up your phone’s contacts or saving videos from your phone to your computer as examples.


These shared files are stored on Bump’s servers and users are given an URL if they want to share the files or photos with others. But according to Lieb, most users don’t do that. They just simply click the save button to download the item they transferred to their computer.

Lieb says there are no plans to turn Bump into file sharing hosting service. But it will continue to work with partners to integrate options for saving files to the wider web.

Till yesterday, Bump offered a way for two people to share data between phones. With this Bump to computer feature, however, the user can take advantage of the service all by himself.

Unlike traditional file sharing services like DropBox, Bump requires no setup. Simply open this link  in the web browser of any computer, open the Bump app on user’s phone, and tap the spacebar.

It looks like the only limit on the transfers is that the file size must be less than 30 megabytes. But that should be fine for syncing photos, contacts, and even iWork or MS Office documents.

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