Rollerski Just Went Wireless; Rollersafe Introduces Wireless Disc Brake Activation

February 13, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

First created as a summer training alternative, roller skiing has now grown into a competitive sport in its own right. But the wires to the disc brakes seemed messy. But thanks to Rollersafe, the disc brakes have just gone into a wireless mode.

The implementation of the radio-based system integrates a receiver in the ski. This can trigger the hydraulic braking mechanism. The small trigger-based controller is integrated into the pole handle.

So practically with the tap of a button, the user can stop his rollerski without creating any fuzz. Most roller skis don’t have bona fide brakes, except for a relatively new calf-activated brake pioneered by Len Johnson of V2 Jenex.


Speed reducers, available in some models, work by providing different levels of friction against the wheels. There are also techniques for slowing down without the use of speed reducers. The most common of which is a motion similar to a snowplow on snow skis where pressure is applied to the outside edge of the roller ski and the skis pointed in an inward fashion.

But all these are not statistically safe methods. That’s where the disc brakes kick in and with the Rollersafe wireless integration, this sport might be heading to a new level. The RollerSafe ski is still in the prototyping stages, but hopefully the market ready product will roll out before the end of this year.

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