Quality and Reliability Are Just Two Benefits of VoIP

February 13, 2013, By Daniel Rapcencu

VoIP (Voice over IP) has a multitude of benefits for any size business and even personal use. VoIP takes your voice and turns it into a digital data stream. When the data gets decoded, a static-free rendition of your voice is delivered to the other side.

When using a VoIP system, all signals which are analog under older phone systems are now in a digital format. Gone are the calls with static and dead lines can be a thing of the past. The quality of the calls is excellent.

You do need a high speed connection to the Internet that is capable of supporting both your data access and the phone system Ethernet packets. Many companies run their VoIP instruments right along with their other network devices. Alternatively, you can have network switches that have VLANs (Virtual LANS) that keep voice traffic sepatare from the normal network data traffic.

voipSwitches that support QoS (Quality of Service) are desirable. Additionally, a firewall that supports QoS (!!!pdf link) is important to make sure the voice calls get the proper bandwidth for crystal-clear calls.

A local VoIP system can be made even more robust by getting rid of your traditional analog phone trunks. When you dump your old analog lines for SIP trunks (Session Initiation Protocol trunks) the digital signal goes out to your SIP provider. Eventually, the signal gets routed along the public telephone system to complete the calls. SIP trunks add to the reliability immensely.

High speed Internet connections have better reliability over analog signals. They are not affected by distance, as the packet transport keeps the digital signals at usable levels. When the Internet connection is over fiber or cable the reliability increases. FTTP (Fiber To The Premise) is extremely robust.

If you have a hosted VoIP system, the quality your calls and the system reliability are even greater. Hosted systems almost always have redundant systems or VoIP systems that have redundancy built into their design.

Hosted VoIP systems are also more reliable than local VoIP systems because you will always have the latest OS (Operating System) and the latest software patches.

Many companies are migrating toward hosted VoIP systems.

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