Mobile Devices Will Also Get Intel TV Services Soon

February 13, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Everyone who have dreams about the upcoming Intel TV service might take this as the best good morning news ever. Erik Huggers, the Intel man, has just announced that the upcoming Intel TV service will expand to handheld devices too.

But he says it might take its own course of time. Meanwhile, in the other parts of the tech world, strong discussions are now on about the feasibility of Intel’s ‘so-called’ revolutionary TV service.

Many are of the opinion that no one will knowingly pay for this service. It is because, one will have to pay for their current TV subscription on top of whatever Intel offers, plus the cost of the Intel Box and money matters.


The chipmaker plans to offer consumers smaller bundles of content than those currently offered by cable operators. Intel has struggled to get its virtual television service off the ground due to unwillingness on the part of major media content providers to let the company unbundle and license specific networks and shows at a discount to what cable and satellite partners pay.

Intel’s plan, if successful, would go further than products currently offered by Apple, Amazon and Netflix (NFLX.O) by offering live programming as well as on-demand content.

Intel’s set-top-box will also have a camera that could be used to automatically steer content and ads toward specific users.

Analysts see Intel’s leap into Internet television, along with its growing focus on smartphones and tablets, as a way to diversify beyond the slowing PC market. There are also rumors that Apple may unveil a TV-based device to pump up the game.

This device is expected to have the potential to shake up the cozy television content and distribution industry the way the iPod and iPhone disrupted music and mobile content.

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