Linux-based Lernstift Smartpen Corrects Errors and Makes You Write Well

February 12, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Writing is not a thing of the past, and several technological advancements happening in this arena too. The latest development corresponds to Lernstift, a company destined to create smart-products for a better living and they have just rolled out a pen of the same name as them.

This pen is uniquely smart that it vibrates every time your handwriting becomes illegible. The interesting thing is that, this pen also has the capability of detecting grammatical errors and it buzzes at these errors too. What more can one ask from a pen?

It uses motion sensors to trace movements and detect errors. This pen has about $68 to $109 worth of electronics packed in it. The Lernstift pen operates in two modes. In Calligraphy Mode, it warns of mistakes in penmanship, while in Orthography Mode it detects spelling and grammatical errors; vibrating once for the former and twice for the latter.


The sensors allow the pen to recognize writing even in the air so it can be used to write text messages without a writing surface. But for the newbies in writing, it has a standard ballpoint pen inside.

The Lernstift is in two generations of development. The first generation, which is due for a release mid-2013, the pen will be equipped with motion sensors and a word recognition system.


Meanwhile, the second generation, which is slated for early 2014, will have a pressure sensor added. Its function is to help children understand the proper way to hold and press a pen.

There are a couple of potential hurdles Lernstift needs to overcome before it can be branded a success. The pen is being crowd-funded and is currently in the early stages of raising money. The second hurdle is to identify all types of handwriting and it is very difficult than what it sounds like.

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